Saturday, January 1, 2005

So, I'm 5 years old the second time! Here's what happened:

Foreword: If you want to know more about me, that's why I made this blog.

Foreword 2: I am still reeling from the shock of a body transfer to a child, so this message may not seem to be typed in the way you're used to reading. If you were shocked at a recent life-changing event, how would YOU type or write your journal? See what I mean?

The last night of my first life

Before today, I was Marcus Michael Shuttles III, a Sophomore at K-State, about to turn 20. I was partying at a fraternity the previous night, then when a girl from Overland Park (KS) rejected me for someone else, I decided that I'd be happier with my family than with my frat buddies who were about to go bar-hopping, so I tried to drive home. I was so stark-raving upset at her rejection that I forgot to get a designated driver, so yes, I tried to drive drunk.

After crashing and being loaded in an ambulance, I left my body when the EKG flatlined. The paramedics restored rhythm to my heart but I was still out-of-body. Then I left the ambulance through its chassis as if bullet through smoke. This didn't make sense; they brought me back to life but I was still a floating spirit.

I flew across the country without any momentum, seeing many sights from the air, then when I flew low across a suburb, I slowly permeated through the walls of a McMansion and blacked out once again.

The start of my 2nd childhood

I woke up in a daze in what turned out to be somewhere in Upstate New York. I was shocked when I saw in the mirror that I was occupying someone else's body now - the body of some 5-year-old tyke named Tanaka Shimoya.

I was horrified at first, but realized in these Skarmory-adorned Pokémon pajamas that my yesterday evening's prayer has been answered.

I doubt my (new) parents will appreciate my putting this up here, but my new address is:

Shimoya Residence

Actually, I don't think they'll know for a long time, because their five-year-old son will be the LAST person they'll expect to have his own blog-site! HAHA! I put the address up because in case any of my old friends from my first life want to send me anything, that's where it'll go.

I hope to reunite with them too, even though they'll not feel as cozy reuniting with a 5-year-old they haven't seen before as they would feel with my previous body.

What of my first body?

I just got off the phone with my brother from my first life, and made up a story that I knew Marcus from his volunteering at the Boys & Girls Club in Manhattan, KS, in order for him to spill the beans to me.

He says that I'm in a coma, and will be due to wake up in about a month from now.

That means only one thing: If I now occupy the body of a Japanese-Korean-American 5-year-old, then THIS BODY'S ORIGINAL OCCUPANT WILL OCCUPY ME!

I can't IMAGINE how he'll act when he comes out of his coma, but I know I am NOT looking forward to it. I DREAD that day to come. Do any of you readers have ANY idea what the "original Tanaka" will do to my reputation? My friendships? My LIFE? The thoughts and the hypotheses make me CRINGE!

I suppose that in order to get a better idea of how the "original Tanaka" was and will be, I will ask my new Dad to show me family home videos of this last Christmas, and anything recent. I need to see how the "original Tanaka" acted in order to get an idea of how he will act in my first body!

Staying connected with my previous life

Having retained ALL the memories of my first life, (Thank God!) I logged onto my Facebook and email and saw that several of my friends wrote messages of sympathy, well-wishes, and other notes of the sort. One of them referenced reading the news of my accident on my (former) college's newspaper - the Kansas State Collegian. I just read through the article and got to learn a little more about my accident from it.

Fortunately, the article says that the occupants of the other vehicle - an SUV, all emerged from the wreck with mere cuts, bruises, and flecks of glass hanging from their clothes. They fared a helluva lot better than I did, and I extend my apologies to that vehicle's occupants.

I thought of responding and telling my friends that I'm now in another body, but I knew that nobody would buy it. (I don't have friends from India on Facebook, nor anyone who believes in any form of reincarnation.) Therefore, I'll wait until I find and see a pediatric psychologist, and get from her whether I should tell my story to my (first life's) friends, or leave them all completely alone.

When I finish this blog, I'll check my voicemail at 785-110-6997, and hope that nobody answers it when I dial. I don't mind giving that number out because I can't have that phone anymore, and when my original body wakes up with a 5-year-old mentality, my parents will decide that I/he doesn't need a phone anymore. (He'll probably be institutionalized.)

My family deserves to hear my voicemail now.

I'll leave a message on my family's house phone at 785-122-6059 later today (and hope they're not home!) with the password and instructions on how to access my voicemail.

I'll also have to make up, once again, that I knew Marc from the Boys & Girls Club that he used to volunteer at, and that he shared some of his voicemail with me, and taught me how to use it, so that's how I knew.

(Sadly though, I never volunteered at that club in my first life. I hope my parents don't get in contact with them to try and find out what they didn't know before.)

Plans for the near future

Here are my plans for my new life now:

  • Take the fullest advantage of my new childhood.
  • Find a pediatric psychologist in the Yellow Pages, and hope that they leave an "emergency" cellphone number in their office voicemail. (On New Year's, all of their offices have got to be closed!)
  • Once I get in touch with one, urge him/her to visit my house so I can spill my story to them!
  • And have them administer me an IQ test. I expect a full-ride scholarship to the best private school after getting the scores I think I'll get!
  • Keep blogging updates about my 2nd childhood!
  • Help put together a meeting of the Shuttleses and the Shimoyas (long-term goal; this summer, hopefully)
  • Skip many grades and be in college "again" by age 10.
  • (Most likely SUNY Albany! I kind of wish to go back to K-State but the out-of-state tuition is way up there! Wait, my academic prowess ought to give me a full-ride scholarship anywhere, so I guess deciding between K-State and SUNY Albany would be a toss-up at this point.)
  • Go to MIT after finishing a state college
  • Get on as many game shows for kids as I can!
  • Become the prodigy that many will love!
I had more to go over but my new Mom just called us down for breakfast so I need to stop and publish. I'll publish again soon!

-Tanaka Shimoya

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